Our Story

We started Pili&Pino in 2012, sharing a vision of whole and nutritious food products that celebrate Filipino ingredients and preparation techniques.


Our inspiration originally came from the nectar of the coconut tree, the raw liquid used to make natural sweeteners. Here, we made a delightful, rich syrup and combined it with the finest local fruits to create our first products, tropical jams made without table sugar.


Today, we have expanded into a full range of breakfast staples and snack offerings, from granola and pancake mixes to whole grain snacks and nut mixes, catering to the selective tastes of individual customers.


The popularity of Pili&Pino is founded on our food philosophy. Each one is accompanied by a short and simple ingredient list and contains just the real stuff grown by farmers.


Pili&Pino is a collaboration of people who care: the local farmers who produce quality ingredients and dedicated folks in our company who fashion flavors into distinctive products. Through the years, we have nurtured these relationships and transformed them into a collective passion, to give our families and our customers a real and better alternative.