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Dulce de Coco Coconut Spread, Original

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Rich, smooth, creamy, coconut caramel crafted purely and wholly from coconut. Dairy-free and vegan. Great for spreading, baking, topping, and as beverage mixer. Supports farmer family communities.

Also available: Dulce de Coco with Barako Coffee, Tableya Chocolate, and Matcha.


Your orders are prepared and shipped directly from our facility in Cebu. A tracking link will be provided with your order. Here is a guide for courier delivery times:

  • Metro Manila & Luzon            5-7 days
  • Visayas                                    2-3 days
  • Mindanao                                3-5 days

Every small batch is made the artisan way.

We use only fresh-pressed coconut milk and farmer-sourced coconut nectar, a perfect complement that gives this jam its deep, undeniable flavor.